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Modular unit series

GSt-A Family

With our modular GSt series, we open up for systematic further developments

To operate mobile machines and plants at the highest safety level and with comfort are the demands of our product family GSt. The core of the operating and control units are our proprietary software tools GSe-Visu, GSe-CTRL, GSe-OS and GSe-CON as well as QT and Codesys, which are responsible for different functionalities and individual visualization of the machine data. The series has a modular design and thus gives the user the greatest possible scope in terms of use and areas of application. Depending on the requirements and complexity, display sizes from 4.3 to 12.3 inches are available. They all have one thing in common. Each is equipped with a high-resolution, anti-reflective display and can therefore be read easily from all positions and even in strong sunlight. Powerful processors set the pace and withstand simple applications to complex requirements. The devices are made for extreme weather conditions for outdoor and indoor use. Robust aluminum die-cast housings offer the best possible protection.

Systematic growth
In addition to the different display sizes, the user has free choice in connecting further functional options and systems. Depending on the needs and requirements, the devices have various connection options and make them compatible for IO's, Wifi, Bluetooth or audio. If required, the memory capacity can be expanded with the help of a Micro SD card. We have also designed and developed our own range of additional features. These include the novel GS-Multiline keyboard, BirdView function and artificial intelligence. With the tactile display keyboard GS-Multiline, Graf-Syteco sets new standards in terms of user-friendliness, application diversity and flexibility. The combination of keyboard and display in conjunction with haptics, touch, dynamic symbols, freely selectable key functions and operating modes make this device unique. The GS-Multiline manages to reduce 80 conventional keys on a block of 16 to a minimum. With the BirdView function, we further roll out our safety concept and drastically reduce the risk of accidents on construction sites. The camera system captures the entire workspace around a vehicle or machine and displays the images in real time on the control unit in the cab. In conjunction with the artificial intelligence function, people and objects can be clearly assigned to warn the machine operator in the event of danger.

Customized and individual
As a long-standing OEM partner and series device manufacturer, we also remain true to our line with the GSt product family and focus on individuality and customer orientation. The devices are therefore not only flexible in their functionality and field of application, but also stand out due to a free choice of colors for the design of the housing, front foil design and keypad illumination as well as different installation and assembly variants. Efficient cabling concepts, functions such as emergency stop and key switch adapt to the individual wishes of the customers.