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NEW: GS-Multiline®

Tactile display keyboard with multiple use


All IN ONE - the new generation of intelligent operator interfaces.

With the GS-Multiline® we are launching a new generation of intelligent operator panels. Engineered and made by Graf-Syteco, the keyboard with its combination of keypad and display sets new standards in terms of user-friendliness, application diversity and flexibility. The product family combines haptics, touch, dynamic symbols, freely selectable key functions and operating modes on a single device. Developed and designed for mobile commercial vehicles and work machines, the keyboard is highly flexible and variable in use. Various operating modes can be controlled via an interface. Depending on the application and use, key combinations and symbols can be freely selected and assigned to different levels. The GS-Multiline12, equipped with a 12" display, is the first device of this type with its space-saving and efficient operating philosophy.

Haptics meets touch
A touch display is not advantageous for every application. Especially in particularly rough environments, it is awkward to operate the menu precisely via touch. Strong hands, often wrapped in thick gloves, are supposed to control various machines via a display! This is only possible haptically via a tactile keyboard. The user can feel every key, even with coarse motor use, can orientate himself better and it reduces the risk of incorrect entries. Operation is far more comfortable and takes place quickly and efficiently.

Maximum operating convenience in the smallest of spaces
With the GS-Multiline12, you can individually select which key is responsible for which function, thus expanding the range of applications many times over. Depending on the application and machine, the keys can be assigned to the respective functions and also placed on different levels. These can be added or switched off according to requirements and different machine statuses. This means that only one device is needed to control all functions for a machine or vehicle. In a tight cab, it becomes manageable and saves space, costs and time.

High-resolution display
The special feature of the GS-Multiline12 is the combination of tactile keypad and high-quality, illuminated display. As with all Graf-Syteco products, this specific device has an extremely high quality display. Thus, regardless of incidence of light and weather conditions, all displays can be easily read from different perspectives. The user is also free to choose which information is shown on the 12" display. In addition, the display can be split and has a dual input function. Keys, displays, videos or control panel can thus be shown simultaneously.

GS-Multiline12 is tough as nails
Construction sites and off-road applications are often tough. The GS-Multiline® product family is designed for rugged environmental conditions. A special die-cast aluminum housing withstands any weather and any impact. During development, special attention was paid to the quality of the film and professional bonding explicitly for these extreme requirements. The resistant foil makes the product suitable for everyday use and has an above-average durability. Optionally, the user can choose from clamping brackets for installation or a standard ball mount for assembly.

Intuitive operation and customer requirements
Clear, easy to operate and quick to understand. The GS-Multiline12 is made by people for people. Although complex techniques and functions are packed into the smallest possible space in this unit, the user interface remains simple to use. A clear, uncluttered design and well thought-out menu navigation make it easy for any user to navigate through the various functions and levels and easily select the desired keys. Thanks to its universal application options and high flexibility, the tactile display keyboard can be used in many different mobile commercial vehicles and machines. In addition, the GS-Multiline12 can also be adapted to customer-specific, individual requirements, such as an additional operating element with mini-joysticks.

With the GS-Multline12 product, we are launching a new type of product family. This unique operating philosophy, keyboard and display combined in one device, will also be found in further products. We will expand the GS-Multiline® family with further sizes, e.g. 10" and 7".