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2. Technology Consulting

Specification of the operating and control system

Based on the workshops, we develop a coordinated system concept together with you. In particular, the implementation of the technical functions, the user experience, the ergonomics and the design are specified.


Competently by your side

Our consulting offers high-quality qualified consulting services on various topics related to your mobile working machine. This includes, among other things, consulting on:

  • visually appealing and intuitive operating and control concepts
  • Software architecture and user programming
  • Design, haptics and form language
  • Topology of electrical systems and field bus systems
  • Integration of operating and control devices from Graf-Syteco
  • Interoperability with devices from other manufacturers
  • Connection and evaluation options of peripheral devices (sensors/actuators)
  • Integration in IoT

Together with you, we create a concrete requirements and functional specification as well as the software architecture and storyboard as the basis for the development process, plus the necessary documentation for system acceptance.


Product and programming courses

I. Basic and advanced course GSe-VISU®

  • Basics and advanced concepts for creating visualizations and control programs

II. Advanced course UX Design study

  • Importance of intuitive user interfaces
  • User Centered Design: the user experience of the machine operator
  • Usability: Simplicity and clarity in the structure of visualizations
  • Skeuomorphism: creation of design elements in realistic 3D representation

III. Advanced course fieldbus systems

  • Structure, topology and cable routing
  • Connection technology and connectors
  • Protocols and data transmission

IV. Basic course programming in "C"

  • Structure of the language and syntax
  • Variables and data types
  • Structures and Unions
  • Native built-in functions and libraries