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Mining | Screening plants

The task of screening plants is to separate overburden of different grain sizes in opencast mining and to separate and recycle materials on construction sites. The challenge is to sort different types of materials and minimize environmental pollution, especially on construction sites. Safety for the people working on the construction site is the top priority.
Graf-Syteco has therefore developed an operating device with functional safety in category 2 for the operation of moving the conveyor belts and the crawler tracks of these screening plants, which achieves a performance level of PL d.

Road | Road Milling

The maintenance of road infrastructure is one of the important issues in order to maintain the supply of goods of all kinds to the population and individual traffic. In order to keep maintenance costs low, the top layer of damaged roadways is nowadays regularly removed with a milling machine in order to apply a new asphalt surface.
With a combined control and display unit from Graf-Syteco, the milling depth is adjusted on such road milling machines and parameters relevant to the milling process are displayed on the screen.

Construction | Concrete Pumps

Today, no new building can be constructed without concrete as a building material. Concrete is made from cement, water, aggregates and some admixtures and additives. One of the most common methods is to simply pump this over a few meters from the transporting truck to the processing site. There are several control concepts for these pumps.
One of them comes from Graf-Syteco and is based on an integrated operating and control unit that displays the visualization of the machine parameters and controls the entire process in the C program. Other concepts with a separate mobile control are equipped with pure operating and display devices for the user inputs.

Special Vehicles | Firefighting technology

Fire fighting vehicles generally have an extremely long product life cycle. And that with - compared to a transport truck - very low mileage. The long service life of the vehicle requires long-term availability from Graf-Syteco as an equipment supplier for electronic components such as I/O modules and operating and control units.
Graf-Syteco meets these requirements through experience in the design of electronics and through modular concepts in hardware and software, so that interim discontinuations of electronic components can be accommodated through simple redesigns.

Municipal | Refuse Vehicle

In order not to pollute the environment with waste, it is imperative to have a disposal system that collects waste, separates it into worthless and valuable materials, and processes the valuable materials into new products. In order to avoid accidents with colleagues or passers-by, the drivers of the waste collection vehicles depend on the faultless functioning of mobile controls, mobile I/O`s, operating and display devices as well as assistance systems.
Camera images, superimposed parameters of sensors as well as messages and warnings are displayed on Graf-Syteco operating devices in the driver's cab. Communication with mobile controls ensures that operator inputs are executed correctly. The operator can put the machine into a safe state at any time via an emergency stop button directly on the control unit.



openSYDE is not just a pure communication protocol. openSYDE is a powerful tool for project planning, commissioning and software maintenance of your machine during its life cycle. Our GSe-VISU® software can be easily integrated into the openSYDE tool and the configuration of all components on your network can be kept up to date from a central location. Our operator panels support openSYDE by including in the GSe-VISU® application project the package created with the openSYDE tool. When updating the operating device with a USB stick, the update of all other system components can then take place automatically.


An application implementation is available for our HMIs that allows you to connect the HMI to any CANopen network as a slave module using an EDS file. Functions such as page switching, displaying alarm messages via containers and setting, querying and displaying process variable values are supported.


With OPC-UA, your operating device becomes a server for IOT and can bring data collected from sensors, control devices or any interfaces and I/Os into the cloud as process values. They are then processed further via OPC-UA clients.


For reading out parameter groups from engine control units, the J1939 protocol is available in all HMIs. Create network participants, select the parameter group (PGN) in the tree structure, simply assign a variable created in GSe-VISU® and linked to a visual object to a Suspect Parameter Number (SPN).
This enables the automated display of the process value without having to program a single line of C code.


GS_CAN simplifies communication with controllers on CAN layer 2. Keystrokes or other user inputs at the operating device are automatically reported to the controller, which can react flexibly to them. The protocol supports e.g. page switching, displaying alarm messages via containers as well as setting, querying and displaying process variable values.

Our 5 Stages to Your Success

Electronic Manufacturing Services, EMS

You build machines that inspire your customers and expect the same from us. You receive your customized operating and control concept for successful use in your mobile machine. For this purpose, we developed a 5-stage concept, which has proven itself outstandingly in practice. As an innovative partner with strong implementation skills, we provide you with professional support right from the brainstorming stage and throughout the entire product development process.

| 1. Experts workshops | 2. Technology consulting | 3. Product development | 4. Series launch | 5. Long-term product availability |