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1. Experts Workshops

Knowledge transfer in the field of automation of mobile machinery

Rely on function and durability and entrust the automation of your plant to the expert for modular operating and control systems. This will ensure the long-term and economical operation of your plant.


Always one step ahead

Sophisticated products, customer-oriented services or ingenious ideas do not come about on their own. Tap into your innovative power and develop your product solutions of the future with us in a creative atmosphere. In a moderated expert workshop, your engineers and ours will lay the foundations for innovative operating and control devices for your plants and machines.

Moderated technology workshop for decision-makers in electromechanical development. The agenda can be individually tailored to you.

  • Implementable technology trends
  • Best practice in operating and controlling mobile machinery
  • Safety and assistance systems
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Protocol with recommended action

Option: Moderation by an external expert, depending on the topic focus

Functional Safety I

Introduction and basics

In recent years, safety systems for mobile machinery have become increasingly important. The primary objective of Functional Safety is to minimize the risk of endangering persons. In the example discussed here, functional safety relates to the operating and control system of a mobile machine on which safety-relevant functions depend.

You will gain basic knowledge in all aspects of machine safety. We will give you an overview of the relevant basic standards as well as the structure and concept of EN ISO 13849.

  • Meaning of Functional Safety
  • Regulations, guidelines and standards
  • Typical approach, project flow
  • Required key figures
  • Processes and tools
  • Project examples

This workshop will be conducted by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Rolf Jung, Technologie-Zentrum Kaufbeuren, Functional Safety.

Functional Safety II

Method of implementation

Any machine intended to ensure the safety of persons must comply with the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. In order to demonstrate compliance with this directive, the machine manufacturer must comply with all relevant referenced harmonized standards. In the case of Functional Safety, for example, this is the EN ISO 13849 standard, which is derived from EN954-1. Safety is assessed by means of so-called performance levels.

Application of Functional Safety according to EN ISO13849

  • Define requirements for safety functions
  • Development of the performance level according to parameters, determination of the parameters, probabilistic approach
  • Design and technical realization of the safety functions
  • The method of validation; verification of the safety functions, analysis and test

This workshop will be conducted by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Rolf Jung, Technologie-Zentrum Kaufbeuren, Functional Safety.

Functional Safety III

Tools and documentation

The Machinery Directive places specific requirements on the approach, development and documentation of electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic control systems. Control systems must be designed in such a way that external influences, defective hardware or software, errors in the logic of the control circuit or foreseeable operating errors cannot lead to a hazardous situation.

You will gain knowledge in all aspects of the processes and their documentation. We provide you with an overview of the relevant processes and tools of your mobile working machine with regard to Functional Safety.

  • Requirement Management
  • Configuration, change, version, release management
  • Design-FMEA, FMEDA
  • Software overview: APIS IQ, Softema and Sistema
  • Reliability calculation
  • Key figure calculation MTTFD, PFH, DC and CCF

This workshop will be conducted by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Rolf Jung, Technologie-Zentrum Kaufbeuren, Functional Safety.