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GSe-Software Suite

GSe-Software Suite

The GSe-Software Suite consists of the graphical development environment GSe-VISU®, which is used to create GSe-CTRL® applications that can then be executed under GSe-OS® running on the target system and monitored and maintained with GSe-CON®.

GSe-Software Suite


Integrated development environment

GSe-VISU® is an integrated development environment for creating visualizations and user programs in C/C++ on Graf-Syteco and Raspberry-Pi operating devices.

  • Identical pixel-precise representation in the development environment and on the target system
  • Tools for aligning objects and defining the drawing order (Z-order)
  • Simple and intuitive graphic objects for displaying process parameters
  • Project navigator with tree structure for design, C programming, additional files and integrated bus and data protocol configurators
  • Resources for fonts, Unicode-capable text objects, colors, bitmaps, touch buttons and process variables
  • Integrated C code editor with code folding, syntax highlighting and extensive system function API
  • Debug support via included Eclipse and Visual Studio Code support
  • Integrated tools: scale generator and GSUtility (MCM module configuration)
  • Worldwide suitable through Unicode support also for Asian and Arabic fonts as well as associated optimizations for resource-saving storage of texts for language switching at runtime on the target system



Betriebssystem für GS Bedien- und Steuergeräte

An operating system running in the target system is necessary so that operating and control devices display and program what the user expects. This operating system is called GSe-OS® and is loaded into the HMI and control unit during production at Graf-Syteco in the current version or, in the case of OEMs, in the version agreed upon.

  • Based on a Linux system
  • Short boot time due to device specific adapted drivers and system extensions
  • Provides the connection layer (API) to the application program created with GSe-VISU®


Spezifische Geräteapplikation

GSe-CTRL® is the name given to the application written in the C programming language and linked to a visualization system that is used on the target system at the machine for human-machine interaction. It displays process variables and machine states to the operator in graphical or textual form and accepts and processes inputs via HMI components such as keys, rotary pushbutton encoders or touch screens.


Werkzeug für Fernwartung- und diagnose

Globally distributed machines do not always offer the possibility of on-site monitoring or maintenance. If a malfunction occurs that the operator cannot remedy on his own, the remote maintenance tool GSe-CON® comes into play. A GSM or LTE modem connected to the operating and control unit of the machine establishes the connection to your GSe-CON® account on our server via the Internet. A service employee can then connect from his office to the operating and control device already active on the server, see the screen content and operate the device live as if he were directly on site. He can change parameters and diagnose functions. A software update is also possible via this route.