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GSe Software Concept



The GSe-VISU® is a modern and easy-to-use development environment for creating professional visualization applications on the PC. GSe-VISU® supports not only operating and control units from Graf-Syteco but also other hardware platforms such as Raspberry Pi. In order to quickly and effectively design modern and attractive user interfaces "UI's", the GSe-VISU® offers numerous aids. The GSe-VISU® allows the programmer to easily create complex user interfaces according to UX standards.


The GSe-CTRL® describes the user application created by the GSe-VISU®. It consists of the visualization and the functionality (C programming) and can be used in the Windows simulation or on one of the Graf operating and control units. In order to protect the GSe-CTRL® and the know-how contained therein, the GSe-VISU® generates a binary file. In addition to a USB stick, it can also be transferred to the HMI device via the CAN bus or via the Ethernet interface. With optimized compression, the GSe-CTRL® requires minimal disk space, which minimizes upload times dramatically.


The GSe-OS® is the Linux-based operating system of the operating and control devices of Graf Syteco. All device-specific functions that are available in the GSe-VISU® programming environment are included in the GSe-OS®. At regular intervals, Graf Syteco publishes a GSe-OS® with new innovations and features. This can be imported into existing GSe-VISU® projects, whereupon the new functions are immediately available. Via a project update, the new GSe-OS® can be loaded onto an HMI device at any time. All you have to do is select the appropriate option during project export. The GSe-OS® has been optimized for devices from Graf-Syteco. This achieves a high level of performance, which is reflected, among other things, in a very short boot time. With numerous libraries available, the scope of GSe-OS® can be extended to suit specific projects.


The GSe-CON® is a remote maintenance or remote control solution for direct access to the Graf-Syteco operating and control units via the Internet. Depending on the location, a GSM modem or a network connection to the device is required. Our software displays exactly the screen content that the user is currently seeing on the HMI device. So you can help your customer quickly and efficiently with the operation or troubleshooting. Get data transferred from the device or update the data on the HMI device. A GSe-CTRL® update is also possible via the remote maintenance tool. A service on site is no longer necessary. Additional maintenance functions can be individually implemented and designed when creating the application with the GSe-VISU®.

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