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5 Steps

To Your Success


Innovative Workshops

Sophisticated products, customer-oriented services or ingenious ideas do not arise on their own. Take advantage of your innovative strength and develop your products of the future with us in a creative atmosphere. In a moderated workshop, your and our engineers will create the foundations for innovative operating and control devices for your plants and machines.

Moderated management workshop for decision makers on operating and control devices in the
electromechanical development

  • Technology trends
  • New perspectives
  • Facts and results
  • Protocol with recommended action

Technology Consulting

Building on the innovation workshops, we develop a coordinated system concept together with you. In doing so, customer requirements, user needs, functionalities, markets and industries, guidelines, standards as well as approvals and certificates are taken into account and put together to form a fully developed package.

Technical advice on operating and
control concepts

  • Software architecture including storyboard or
  • Encumbrances / specifications

Creation of specifications

  • Capture the customer-specific requirements
  • Moderated working sessions
  • Working out the specifications
  • Document creation
  • Acceptance report

Engineering Services

Processes and customizable services align with the entire lifecycle of an application. After acceptance of the specification, the automation solutions are configured and simulated. Based on this, the design and electronic plans are created. A subsequent proof of concept visualizes the design, lets the haptics feel and gives you security in the project. After a thorough qualification, the zero series samples are tested and approved in practice.

Product Development

  • Project management
  • Design & construction
  • Electronics development
  • Embedded software development
  • Change request
  • Test pattern construction & qualification
  • Acceptance and series introduction
  • Certification
  • Documentation
  • Application development


When setting up and commissioning a machine or plant, functionality and reliability are the decisive criteria for successful continuous operation. Here, the integration of the hardware, as well as the parameterization and customization of the user software takes a high priority. The training offered by us can take place both in Tuningen and at your location.

  • Basic course programming in "C"
  • Basic and advanced course GSe-VISU®
  • Advanced course UX design study
  • Advanced course fieldbus systems

Life Cycle Services

To ensure the highest possible availability of machines and systems, individually tailored services are required for each phase of the life cycle. The focus is on maintenance, troubleshooting via remote access, repair and modernization measures.

  • Extended warranty from 1 up to 4 years
  • Hot Swap Service
  • GSe SmartLine
  • GSe remote maintenance

Brilliant displays, modular keyboards, fast controls, secure I/O modules and easy-to-use application software. All can solve the most complex tasks as a system combination - expandable and combinable as desired. Thanks to our software GSe-VISU® and its convenient programming, each of our products can be quickly and easily adapted to any of your applications.

We accompany you from the first telephone call to complete integration and beyond. Typical applications can be found in construction and agricultural machinery, in fire brigades, special and municipal vehicles as well as in ships.Your industry is not listed? Just ask for! Our solutions are suitable for almost every application and every BUS system.